Taxi truck services

Taxi Truck Services

At Local Freight, we’re proud to offer our reliable and professional taxi truck service to businesses across Brisbane and greater Queensland. Our taxi truck fleet is available for hire round the clock Monday to Friday. However, we can extend our taxi trucks Brisbane service on weekends as well (must pre-book for a weekend service) if the need arises.
  • Our fleet range in capacity from 2 tonne to 22 tonne vehicles.
  • Vehicle types include Trays, Taut Liners as well as Crane trucks, Semi-trailers and Hydraulic Tail Gates.
  • We have company owned fleet driven by professional drivers with customer service being their prime focus.

Prepaid Adhoc Taxi Trucks

If you need to transport anything with short notice, our prepaid taxi truck service is at your service. Our prepaid fixed price taxi truck service is available through our online taxi truck booking system. We can supply a taxi truck as per your requirements, ranging from a 2 tonne truck to a 22 tonne semi-trailer.

Our prepaid taxi truck service has fixed prices without any hidden costs. For customers who do not have an account with us, payment can be made with Visa or Mastercard. However, if you’re an account customer, bookings can be made through your online booking portal. Once booked, we endeavour to pick up and deliver within 2 to 3 hours.
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Permanent and Semi-Permanent Taxi Truck Hire
At Local Freight, we offer permanent and semi-permanent taxi truck hire, with daily hire, weekly hire and monthly hire options available. We offer competitive rates as well as late model trucks driven by customer service-oriented professional drivers.

We can supply all type of vehicles, ranging from a 1 tonute through to semi-trailer flat-top trucks or tautliners. Call us today for a free review of your transport needs.

Taxi Truck Service in Brisbane

We offer an unparalleled taxi truck service in Brisbane.
When your business requires the transportation of goods, try our taxi truck service. The business world is unpredictable, and you may suddenly require the movement of goods on a whim. When this happens, make Local Freight your first choice for reliable taxi truck services.

What You Can Expect from Local Freight’s Taxi Truck Service in the Sunshine Coast

We are a transport and distribution company that assists you and your business with palletised freight and other goods for business to business and business to residential pickup and deliveries.
  • The need for a taxi truck in Brisbane may arise at any time. We can supply prepaid, ad hoc taxi truck hire when and where you need it. The purpose of this service is to provide you with a quick solution. There is a fixed fee when hiring our trucks, with no hidden costs. We’ve further simplified the process for our registered customers to book a truck through our online portal.
  • If your business is consistently transporting goods, you might require an ongoing solution. Our permanent and semi-permanent taxi trucks are the answer. You select the term of the hire, whether it’s for a week or a month. We’ll have the vehicle booked and available for you. As a result, your clients can be confident in your business’s transportation promises.
  • Our pride and joy is our extensive fleet. The capacity of our vehicles ranges from two-tonnes up to 22-tonnes. These include trays, tautliners, crane trucks, semi-trailers and hydraulic tailgates. We have experienced drivers who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

The Benefits of a Taxi Truck Service

Placing your goods or the future of your business in the hands of a third-party may appear daunting, but when you decide to partner with a reliable transport company, you can rest easy. There are also further benefits to engaging with a taxi truck service, including:
  • Trucks are expensive, and not every business has the capital to outlay for a vehicle. Delivery may be secondary to your primary business but still be required. Instead of taking out a loan or buying a truck you can’t afford, hiring a taxi truck is an ideal solution. In this regard, you can save your business money and only spend on the occasions you require a truck.
  • Hiring eliminates the stress of thinking about fuel costs or wear and tear. Once you’ve hired a taxi truck, the responsibility lies with the parent company and not your business. You don’t need to be concerned about the maintenance and other associated costs that arise from the daily operation of a vehicle.
  • Acquiring a vehicle requires far more than a financial investment. As a business owner or manager, you’ll be responsible for managing the staff allocated to a truck. Opting for a taxi truck eliminates the need for you to be hands-on with transportation. Booking a truck for a stipulated time means the transport company manages the whole process, including the insurance premiums for the truck and its load.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Taxi Truck Hire On the Sunshine Coast?

We offer incredible benefits when you sign up with our Local Freight club. It doesn’t require a deposit, and you could get up to ten percent cashback with every shipment or taxi truck booking. Other advantages include:
  • We’ll reserve a dedicated account manager to handle all your transport requirements. As a result, you’ll have one point of contact to communicate with throughout the process.
  • We understand that any vehicle, especially trucks, take on huge loads and can experience wear and tear. As such, we conduct maintenance on our fleet regularly to ensure the vehicles are in excellent condition to carry out their duties.
  • There aren’t any restrictions on the size and shape of freight. We are flexible in this regard and can arrange for transport of your goods regardless of their size. Our smart shipment control centre allows us to minimise the transit and waiting time for the shipment, striving for same-day pickup and delivery.

In addition, we also offer highly competitive taxi truck rates so you can get the assistance you need in a timely fashion without spending through the roof.

What is a Taxi Truck?

A taxi truck refers to a truck with a professional driver that can be hired for the transportation and distribution of goods.

How Much Does Taxi Truck Hire Cost?

Taxi truck rates can differ depending on the type of truck hired, the type and amount of goods being transported, and the distance the truck needs to travel to reach its destination, among other factors.

Can I Do Anything to Assist with Pickup & Delivery?

Yes, you can keep access points open and ensure your goods are in an area that’s accessible with little to no social interaction required.

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We have been assisting people and businesses with their transport problems for over ten years, but our collective experience surpasses two decades. We’ve developed a reputation as the preferred supplier of a taxi truck on the Gold Coast. Our focus is on providing high-quality services that are reliable and professional. We also pride ourselves on providing incredible value for money, combining price, quality and customer service.

Whether you require an urgent taxi truck or regular truck hire, contact us for a solution. You’ll be sure to find a vehicle type and size to suit your requirements.
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