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Semi Trailer Hire in Brisbane

At Local Freight, we pride ourselves on being one of the most respected and acclaimed providers of semi-trailer hire in Brisbane. Right from the very start of our journey, we’ve focused on customer-driven service, which has been the cornerstone of our success.

The values on which we have always prioritised include:
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on quality
  • Company owned fleet of 10 semi-trailers
  • A caring, compassionate, friendly and customer-centric approach
  • A prompt, professional and qualitatively perfect service
Our commitment to these values ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

We have an extensive fleet of semi-trailers for hire in Brisbane that allows our clients to transport their goods safely, timely and effectively across Brisbane and greater Queensland. Our semi-trailers are driven by customer-focused professional drivers. You can trust our logistics experts in Brisbane to make sure that each consignment reaches its destination regardless of distance in and around Brisbane or surrounding areas.
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What makes our Semi-trailer fleet unique?

Our fleet of semi-trailers for hire is well maintained and equipped with all types of load restraining equipment, ranging from ratchet straps and chains to load protectors and more to ensure your freight is transported without any damage regardless of the distance travelled.

Every truck in our fleet is also equipped with special equipment such as supply gates, pipe racks and other specialised equipment upon client request. All of this equipment assists with the safe and seamless transportation of goods. This makes our semi-trailer hire service in Brisbane among the safest and the quickest.

All of our trailers come equipped with GPS as well as PDA/Android/iPhone units, ensuring that you can trace and track your consignment at any given point in time. In addition, we have the provision of providing ‘real time’ electronic proof of every delivery, along with online books and tracing and tracking facilities.

All of our vehicles are sign-written and hence are easily recognisable. What’s more, all of our drivers are uniformed and well trained. As a result, both our people and our machines ensure a quality image when representing your business. We also maintain affordable semi-trailer hire rates, meaning you can make use of our services without having to spend through the roof.

What is a Semi-Trailer?

A semi-trailer is a haulage vehicle used to transport goods, useful for narrow urban streets and the confines of a construction site. Semi-trailers come in a range of shapes and sizes, including box semi-trailers that are commonly used to transport pallets of non-perishable goods and flatbed trailers that are used to transport shipping containers, as well as dump trailers for transporting sand, gravel, building materials and agricultural products that tip up to allow the cargo to slide out.

Should I Buy or Hire?

You may want to consider buying a semi-trailer outright if you expect to use it regularly in the long term so that one is always available when needed. However, in addition to the upfront costs, there are constant and regular expenditures that come with owning a semi-trailer. This includes paying insurance and maintenance. For temporary or irregular use, rentals are preferable, plus you can expect to pay much less in the long-term with affordable semi-trailer hire rates.

What Should I Consider When Renting a Semi-Trailer?

There are several things you should consider before you rent a semi-trailer. Firstly, it’s important to check that the haulage capacity meets your particular cargo needs. In addition, you should ensure that it’s available when required and check that the semi-trailer hire rates align with your budget.

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