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Modern 3PL Storage and Warehousing Services

Do you need storage and warehousing services in Brisbane or greater Queensland? At Local Freight, we have a warehouse conveniently located at Richlands, 19/km southwest of the central business district, with the Logan, Ipswich & Western Freeways right on our doorstep. Our 6,000m2 warehouse has the capacity to store 20,000 pallets, making us a great choice for short term pallet storage.

The Benefits of Our Personalised Logistics Service

Our third party logistics Brisbane service offers a number of benefits to clients, some of which include:
  • A logistics network of services covering all client needs (including general and perishable requirements)
  • Container transport (collection from wharf and bonded warehouse)
  • Container unpack services (loose & palletised)
  • Cost-effective inbound & outbound domestic transport through our vast network of distribution partners

We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our warehouse storage solutions.

Utmost Care & Attention to Detail at All Times

Carefully selecting the right national 3PL warehouse in Brisbane can be a difficult decision. Our skilled and experienced handlers can put your mind at ease with assurance that your goods will be handled and stored with the upmost care and attention to detail at all times.

Why Use Our Storage Warehouse?

The primary purpose of our warehouse storage in Brisbane is to provide our clients with appropriate facilities for storing equipment, inventory and other items when they aren’t being sold. This helps to prevent premature spoilage and unnecessary wastage of goods, ensuring their protection and safety. This has the added benefit of significantly reducing costs incurred by wastage.

What Are the Main Types of Storage in a Warehouse?

There are several main types of storage warehouse solutions available, including:

    • Static Shelving – Designed to stay in one place and holds fairly lightweight inventory.
    • Mobile Shelving – Mounted on carriage or rail systems, eliminating the need for fixed aisles and increasing productivity by holding more items in less space and increasing accessibility.
    • Pallet Racking – Holds inventory received in large boxes for busy and large warehouses, encompassing cantilever racking and carton-flow racking among other types.
    • Multi-Tier Racking – Designed to capitalise on available vertical space, accommodating relatively lightweight items that are manually picked and organised.
    • Mezzanine Flooring – An effective and space-saving option that serves as one or more additional floors above the main warehouse floor, with potential for custom features including lighting, lift systems and conveyors.
    • Wire Partitions – Ideal for items that need special security, wire partitions can be installed and torn down quickly and easily for various purposes.

What Does 3PL Warehousing Mean?

3PL warehousing and storage refers to third-party providers who can manage one or more aspects of warehousing, picking, packaging, inventory, order fulfilment, forwarding and delivery operations. They can oversee the logistics so you can focus more on your core business needs.

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