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Get Exceptional Delivery Options with Our Pallet Freight Services

We provide excellent pallet freight services across the SE Queensland area, so you can rest assured that your products will arrive efficiently. Our freight company has a large fleet of serviced and well-maintained vehicles, including trucks with hydraulic tail lifts for easy pickup and delivery. Remain informed with up-to-date delivery times thanks to our modern, GPS-tracked fleet.

What Sets Local Freight Apart Regarding Pallet Transport Companies?

Our company offers a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering various-sized freight. We provide:
  • Professional and skilled drivers. Our qualified and professional drivers take care to ensure that your freight arrives in excellent condition and on time.
  • Express shipping. We offer a range of delivery services, including express and same-day delivery. Your critical cargo can arrive quickly with our taxi truck hire service.
  • Cost-effective delivery rate. You can easily calculate the optimum rate at which to deliver your freight with our online smart quote algorithm. Our prices are based on the weight of your cargo. We ensure that our services are competitively priced so that you can get excellent value for money whenever you need to ship.

Tips Regarding Palletised Freight

Consider our tips for packing your pallet securely and ensuring that your products are well-protected during pickup, transit, and delivery.
  • Use quality materials: You can prevent damage to your freight with the use of quality packing material. Ensure that your boxes are the correct size for your cargo and that you have premium packing material to fill any gaps. Boxes that go on a pallet should be full with the weight evenly distributed to avoid crushing or damaging your product.
  • Select the right size pallet: Your pallet should be large enough to hold your cargo without hanging over the sides. It should also be sturdy enough to carry the weight of your cargo with no broken boards or protruding nail heads.
  • Stack your pallet strategically: Ensure that you are evenly distributing the weight of your boxes on the pallet and stagger or align the cargo carefully to increase the stability of your load. Heavier boxes should be on the bottom with lighter freight on top. You can place flattened cardboard between your layers to further increase the stability of your pallet load.
Secure your load with high-quality shrink wrap to avoid packages coming loose from the pallet.

Why Trust Local Freight Regarding Pallet Shipping Services?

Our professional, reliable, and exceptional-quality service across the SE Queensland includes areas such as Brisbane Metro, Gold Coast, and Toowoomba for your shipping convenience. We have a large fleet of maintained vehicles with unique benefits, including a tail-lift truck for easy on- and off-loading, and we proudly deliver to both business and residential addresses. Each vehicle in our extensive network has a modern GPS tracking system to ensure that you remain up-to-date with an accurate delivery time. We guarantee next-day delivery of economy pallet transport services. Ready to experience the difference? Contact us today to book your freight delivery. Or fill in an online quote form.
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